IPhone 15 specs and 3-month review

The iPhone 15 series is all Type-C, which makes the charger more compatible with most other devices that use Type-C. If you’re a Galaxy user, you might be interested in trying an iPhone. Here are the key specs of the iPhone 15 that I bought.

IPhone 15 Specs

DisplaySuper Retina XDR display
Back MaterialInfused glass material
(Think of it as tinted glass).
ChargingType C 2
(iPhone 15 Pro is Type C 3 – different charging and data transfer speeds)
(Type-C 3 is faster than Type – C 2 for data transfer and charging)
Unlocking the screenFace ID (Face Unlock)
Unlock with fingerprint X
Ring/Silent switchPhysical switch format
(15 Pro have different action buttons than before).
Dynamic islandSupport
Camera4x Optical Zoom
Next-gen portraits
2 total camera lenses
No telephoto lens
Emergency rescueSupport
Battery protection80% charge limit possible
AOD (Always On Display)X (included in the pro lineup since 14pro)
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Below is my personal review after using it for about 3 months.

Usage time (battery time)

I use it with a charge limit of 80%. I do this because I want to maintain the maximum battery performance at 100%, but I only charge it once a day, assuming I watch YouTube for about 10 hours a day. One charge lasts a day. If your YouTube use time (video watching time) is less than mine and you charge 100%, I think you can use it without charging while the sun is up.

  • There is a big difference depending on screen brightness, usage patterns, etc.
  • If you really want to use it for a long time, we recommend low power mode.


I don’t think it’s heavy for an adult male. Was it heavy after using it for 3 months? If you think about it, it wasn’t like that at all. It is suitable. It’s just that I don’t feel any discomfort.

(If you want a light iPhone, I recommend the really light iPhone mini or se series. However, the mini and se series released so far are not Type C.)

Face ID unlock accuracy

Although I have only used the iPhone, unlocking accuracy has improved so much since the iPhone 15 that it is really convenient. There may be physical upgrades such as iOS (software) updates and front cameras and sensors, but I think the ability to use Face ID while wearing a mask and the ability to register four additional glasses-wearing faces also played a big role. .

I don’t know exactly when the function to register 4 masks and glasses was introduced, but personally, it is much more convenient than unlocking with a fingerprint because it is more accurate. When using the iPhone SE2, fingerprint recognition often did not work if water or dust got on the finger.

Features that I personally turn off

Attention Aware featuresWhen unlocking, I felt that the speed of raising and lowering the volume was slow and a bit stuttering.
Screen time (check usage by app, number of notifications, etc.)My personal opinion is that it consumes more battery.
In the beginning, I used it for about a week to find out my own usage patterns.

Closing post

While using the iPhone, there were times when I seriously considered switching to the Galaxy, but now that it has changed to the C type, I think I will only use the iPhone from now on. Well, I don’t know what will happen to my heart again.

Thank you for reading this long article. I will write personal reviews or reviews of other products if I like the product.