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QR 코드 생성기

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This is a “QR code generator” that allows you to generate a QR code by entering the desired URL address.

How to use

QR code generator | utility
  • Enter the desired address in the url input field.
  • The qr code shape can be selected as square, dot, or rounded corners.
  • You can select the qr code color using the color palette.
  • Press the qr code creation button.
  • A QR code is generated as shown below.
QR code generator | utility
  • The generated qr code can be downloaded as png or jpg.
  • png = transparent background
  • jpg = white background


Errors are corrected as soon as they are found and are continuously updated. When a more improved version of a similar tool is produced, you can check it in the Utilities 2.0 menu.